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The Coalition policy, citing data from the Gold Coast light rail project, says trams can carry 10,000 passengers an hour, giving them more capacity than buses.


Randwick council, UNSW, the Australian Turf Club and three hospitals in Randwick are signing a memorandum of understanding to support the light rail extension to the east.


“Randwick council transport studies have found we are going to need a 50 per cent increase in public transport capacity in Randwick city by 2021 to effectively accommodate anticipated population and employment growth,” said the Randwick mayor, Murray Matson.


“More than 100 international cities have reintroduced light rail because they can see the benefit of moving millions of people quickly and safely for work, education and recreation.”

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Light rail anyone? If it’s safe then it’s great! Of course, for the commuter student who drives it does little to change the fact that the commuter still has to drive… I suppose I am a little out of line here…? The point of the light rail is to move people more efficiently than a bus from A to B. A being the city and B of course being some location in Randwick. For the commuter who needs to bounce from Sydney Central Station to UNSW, say most commuter students who don’t drive, then Light Rail would be convenient. My only concern is that, yes it’s a safe system, and offers speedy delivery when you’re on board, but how regular is this system? I mean, bus intervals running from Central station are plentiful, and if you were a UNSW student, most buses running through Anzac Parade to any of the Easter Suburbs could get you to UNI. Why wait for the light rail when most 39_ buses take you there any and every 5 minutes??



About lightrail3005

We are a group focusing on the unresolved issue of introducing a light rail transport system to Randwick.
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  1. Also let’s think about cost effectiveness… the average 3-5 region bus ticket costs nearly $14.00 for a student on concession. This lasts a week, how will the light rail system work or will we pay a bigger price for a little more luxury??

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