Our Strategy

Our strategy is to engage UNSW students in an information campaign via a range of social media tools which, together, form a cohesive network for discussion, involvement, and even as just a centre to keep track of the Light Rail proposal in Randwick issue. The message can be simplified into three concise points: Raising Awareness, Being Informed, and Being Engaged. The media strategy encompasses most mainstream media and social media. Our Facebook page, Twitter feed, and blog are the anchors that siphon information regarding the Light Rail proposal from all sources. Our social networking sites would garner discussion and information from all manner of social media and online forums whilst the blog would mainly be following the news and stories from mainstream television, radio, and newspapers. As these platforms are linked to each other as a single network via online linking, the strategy with these tactics is to provide a comprehensive hub of information and discussion acting as the center for engaging UNSW students in being involved in following the Light Rail proposal issue. The mobile phone application tactic serves as an augment to this hub, as it allows students to be able to access this network wherever they are and without having to have a computer with them. It would also provide valuable information such as train timetables and routes if the proposal ever gets implemented in the future. The Pecha Kucha presentation tactic act as a ‘broadcaster’ about the network as well as to generate interest about the issue in addition to all the online ‘shouting’ that is being conducted by the other tactics to get students to know about the issue and our network. It serves as the main way offline to reach out to students without which they might not be sufficiently exposed to the issue to be bothered, as online messages are too easy to ignore.


About lightrail3005

We are a group focusing on the unresolved issue of introducing a light rail transport system to Randwick.
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