Data to talk about..

Data taken from

  • 11,000 Randwick City residents commute to central Sydney every workday
  • 42,000 students attend UNSW
  • 13,200 people work at local hospitals and UNSW
  • 400,000 people attend races at Royal Randwick Racecourse each year
  • 1.1 million people watch games at the SCG and SFS
  • 1 million people go to concerts, events and exhibitions at Fox Studios, Hordern Pavilion, Centennial Park and Royal Randwick
  • 1.3 million use the health services and hospitals in Randwick each year
  • 7,000 people study at Randwick TAFE
  • 10 million visitors go to Centennial Park and Moore Park each year
  • 4,500 children attend the 15 schools in Randwick, Kingsford and Kensington

Ok, so this is a lot of data to digest. The stand out data is both the student numbers who attend the University of New South Wales and also those who attend large events in Randwick (mostly because whenever an event is on there are major traffic delays and some serious re-routing for regular commuters)… So from this, light rail is beneficial for external facilities, but what of UNSW?


About lightrail3005

We are a group focusing on the unresolved issue of introducing a light rail transport system to Randwick.
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